ROB McCREDIE Performance Images

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These images are of me with the lovely Harriet Ritchie, performing in a short piece of hers, Pop Love, which was part of Lucy Guerin’s Pieces for Small Spaces 2008.

This precious little duet was inspired by a sweet story told by Harriet’s Pop, about his little granddaughter passing him notes in church. In each section a light box illuminated some text, charting a deceptively naive progression through a spectrum of emotional states; the first one “I Hate You”, the second “I Sort of Hate You”, and the third “I Love You This is the best day of my life”. The movement was drawn from the energy of each state, the satisfying simplicity and intensity of the two extremes framing the deeper comlexity and uncertainty of the grey area between.

Pieces for Small Spaces is presented annually in December, with a different line up of interesting artists each year. You can find out more about Pieces For Small Spaces here: